Discover the Cutting-edge of the New Therapies For Erectile Dysfunction

I took blood pressure medication for years (250 milligrams a day in the last year), and according to my doctor, I could expect to take it (in ever increasing quantities) for the rest of my life. Cool, huh?

I am Alex warren , I would like to share information on medical issues and treatment Generic Cialis Generic Cialis is helps to overcome erectile dysfunction

There are thousands of supplements and medicines available to treat the erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. ED is increasing in men and many are confused as to which supplement to choose to get rid of this problem. Well, generic Viagra is one of the popular medicines to treat impotence and interestingly nowadays there are several online pharmacy stores available from where anyone can purchase it easily. The main advantage of these online stores is that one can acquire complete information about this dysfunction, its causes and also about helpful medicines. Viagra contains an ingredient called Sildenafine Citrate which helps in relaxing muscles and enhances blood flow towards different areas of body. The main result of Viagra is amplified sex pleasure, quicker recharge and increased stamina. However, it should be noted that Viagra can not protect from STDs or HIV, so everyone must keep this in mind before purchasing it.

Today, however, many new 'herbal viagra' products are appearing on the market, promising faster acting time and longer results than viagra. Are these worth the risk? Let's compare their benefits to normal viagra.

After oral administration of Caverta tablet, the drug Sildenafil Citrate diminishes the function of PDE5 – phosphodiesterase type five. Reduction in PDE5 enzyme allows the body to augment the levels of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate and Nitric Oxide. These chemicals look after relaxing the penile muscles and dilating the blood vessels, thereby increasing the blood flow in the penile organ. Eventually, the penile organ attains and sustains an erection that lasts long for longer duration. This is how Caverta frees men from ED.

Gingko: Many supermarkets are stocked with supplements containing Gingko. Touted as a wonder herb Gingko improves the system movement and movement to the genital bloodstream and veins and this reverses ED.